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Fluffy Puffy Bubble Tent


Introducing the metro Atlanta Bubble Tent, providing an urban twist to camping. Click to see reservation options.

Alien Bubble Tent


The Alien Bubble Tent is a 2 Bedroom extraterrestrial Bubble Tent. It's perfect for nature enthusiasts and star gazers.

Atlanta Glamping Dome Tent


ATL Bubble has partnered with Atlanta Glamping LLC. to present the Dome Tent. Currently under construction. Stay tuned on social media for details.

Atlanta Bubble Tent Resort


The Resort is coming soon and currently under construction. Please Stay tuned on social media for updates

Nyx Bubble Dome Tent


Home of the Netflix and Chill events. This event Bubble Dome Tent will be returning soon!

ATL Bubble


The original ATL Bubble Tent was retired, but will return this Fall!