Space Campp

Musician - Hip Hop/ Rapper

December 2019  


Think you know me, you just scratching the surface...


The Terminator himself, Space Campp. The Bubble Team met Space Campp and his team to include Angelo Supreme @angelosupreme, marketing genius Milton from @itsthreesixty, and more as they shot “Highlight” featuring the talented Yung Baby Tate @yungbabytate

The first thing we noticed about Space Campp was his forward-thinking. Strip away his talent and lyrical abilities and we find an innovator that sees the world a bit differently. He saw the world as an opportunity to explore and transcend. His perception of music and his art was also engaging as he is not what we consider the typical Rapper or Hip Hop artist. Space Campp stays true to his theme not only in his music but his lifestyle.

The reason why Bubble Media is fascinated with Space Campp is that he is a go-getter and whether you agree or not, he is a creative lyricist with a distinct sound and cadence.  Our top pics for Space Campp music are Terminator, Highlight, and Hallelujah. You can also purchase or stream his Album Written in the Stars on all major streaming and online platforms or visit his site at

-Marika Brown