Bri the Black Goddess

Model- fashion, Naturist & nudist

October 2019  


The life of a model is filled with surprises, adventures, uncertainty, and commitment to the craft. For the month of October, the Bubble Media features Bri, better known as Black Goddess. The Black Goddess first began modeling at 16 and quickly evolved overtime with her inimitable style of modeling and posing. In addition to her arsenal of talent, she also practices naturopathy and holistic healing. Although very skilled in other disciplines, Bri is a very adaptive career model. Her petite body, daring eyes, and warm personality give her a unique advantage and opportunity in fashion, performance, and photography. Like ATL Bubble, Bri and her team always attempt to find the right locations to deliver the most stunning products. 

Our team first encountered Bri as she celebrated a birthday in our Bubble. Her photos raised eyebrows in awe as the shots were mesmerizing. If only the Bubble had walls, a few of those photos would certainly be framed and posted in our units. A true natural at her craft; each shoot expresses her confidence, passion, presence and dominance on a set. At ATL Bubble we reward the bold and admire those who are different. Cheers to Bri!

Learn more about Bri the Black Goddess @blackgoddess_777

- Bubble Media

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