Kaitlyn King

Model- fashion & Print

Modeling is an art that combines personal style with creative talent. To be a model means more than posing for a photographer, it means committing to the scene and owning your audience. Kaitlyn is an example of an upcoming model that could rival many in Atlanta. She started her career at the age of 15 and quickly matured into more professional shoots at 19 years old. Paul Thatcher introduced Kaitlyn to mainstream modeling and since then, it has been a creative outlet for expressing herself.

Kaitlyn has worked with many celebrities and businesses ranging from the likes of Blac Youngsta and ATL Bubble. But it is not her distinct pout she does to show off her very full lips or the way her eyes slightly dim before the final flash. It’s her ability to fearlessly adapt to the scene and endure the pressures of the shoot. Indeed, Kaitlyn is still learning her trade and mastering her skills, however, she is a force to be reconned with and respected on any set or amongst any other professional.

We recognize Kaitlynn as our model of the month because she represents what it means to be dynamic and relevant. At ATL Bubble we strive to do the same as we offer variety and quality to our customers. If you are looking for a model that is not afraid to embody a character or represent your business, you are looking for Kaitlyn.

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