Krystall Poppin

Musician - Rapper

October 2019  


The Bubble Media team wants to recognize one of the new and unique voices in the Hip Hop community, Krystall Poppin! Hip-hop music and the culture behind the genre have been one of the most rapidly evolving forms of music for the last decade. Krystall Poppin is one of the few new artists today who is fearless with her unique sound and approach to music. Like ATL Bubble, Krystall Poppin is all about evolving and adapting creatively. Her music proves that she can create a new sound while delivering a relatable message with each bar. Whether you consider her message superficial or deep, the kadence and voice of Krystall Poppin is something you can head bang in traffic, casually listen to while chilling with friends or turn up in the club. 

The Bubble Team met Krystall Poppin on tour in Atlanta as she live-streamed from one of our Bubble Tents. Since then, our team just can’t get enough of her unique style and approach to performance. Krystall Poppin hails from El Paso, Texas where Kristopher Rivera (El Paso Times) described her as a Shape- Shifter. With her album Raw Gold Honey. Krystall earns her Shape shifting trait with each track offering an unapologetically, bold sound, taking you on a journey through her story, background, ambitions, and humor. Personally, my favorite tracks on her latest album are Timmy Tah and F.O.M.S. 

You can learn more about Krystall Poppin and listen to her music on 

-Marika Brown

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