Model- fashion, Naturist & nudist

September 2019  


When we imagine a model we usually think about fashion and runway. But there are genres of modeling that are mainstream and others that are remarkably unique and niched. Lyric is a model that is exceptionally gifted and dynamic across most genres of modeling, however, she is especially recognized for naturism and nudism modeling. To be a model like Lyric, one must be prepared to have their bodies exposed from every angle. With unforgiving lights, personal insecurities and public opinion, Lyric has demonstrated that regardless of society’s taboo or personal uncertainties, she is not afraid to share her art and creativity with the world. This boldness and passion represent the fundamental approach to ATL Bubble business model and perception of engineering and design.

Lyric’s career has involved representing brands and designers by wearing their clothing and accessories in photo shoots, commercials, and runway shows. Her role typically requires both physical attractiveness and the ability to maintain an elegant and graceful appearance through long hours. With her unique approach to poses and ability to capture the moments needed to highlight and present the brand for production, Lyric has continuously been able to work with other models, along with designers, directors, and photographers. 

It is ATL Bubble’s philosophy to be creative and we admire innovators like Lyric who are not afraid to be bold and different regardless of society’s norms. For your next photo shoot, branding, model classes or anything related to modeling, check Lyric’s calendar or DM for inquiries @lifeofanudist_

- Bubble Media

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